Q. I’ve submitted bids but have not won any, how come?


When submitting bids to have the most success from the site we recommend the following:

  • Accredit your account - If you have goods in transit, removals, motor trade insurance or any other additional insurance, tell us! If you send in additional insurance this will be displayed to customers, they will have more confidence in your service if they know you hold the necessary insurance: What documents do you need to verify my account?
  • Fill out your business profile in full - Customers use this information to help make their choice: How do I add information to my profile?
  • Bid on a high volume of jobs-  You might not be bidding enough, if you're new to the site you have frequent users as competition. If you have several bids on the site at once you'll have a better chance of getting a booking earlier.
  • Make sure your pricing is in line with the competition- Once you've completed your first few jobs and have good feedback to match customers will be happy paying a higher price, until then make sure you give an attractive price.
  • Bid on multiple jobs on the same route- This will help keep the price down and give customers better prices: How can some transport providers give such low bids?



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